Monday, January 05, 2009

My Word for 2009

  • to help develop; help grow
  • to feed and protect
  • to support and encourage

I feel a real push to be more nurturing this year. I've never thought of myself as a nurturing person. I've never really liked babysitting, or animals, or other nurturing-type things. I think my call to serve in the Primary has kicked me in the bum a little bit towards this. But I don't think this goal ends with the Primary kids.

I can definitely stand to nurture my relationships more: with my husband, my son, friends and family, and the Savior.

I want to learn how to nurture plants better. My dad gave me some MARVELOUS bulbs and I want to treat them right and have some beautiful flowers.

I want to continue nurturing my own health. I've been taking care of myself a little bit more and I want to continue on that path.

This word just has a lot of meaning for me this year, so thanks to Tip Junkie for the challenge.


  1. What a great word. I already see you as a nurturer!

  2. Definitely a great one to choose for the year. You'll have to blog about some of your nurturing "adventures"!

  3. What a great word! Here's to a 2009 filled with opportunities for you to nurture those relationships.

    I see on the sidebar that you're hoping to adopt. I have a special place in my heart for adoption as I'm adopted and we're looking into adoption for future children as well. What a beautiful gift to the child and to you. Best wishes!

  4. That's a good theme for the year, although I've always thought of you as nurturing person, Sal. I like how you picked one word to describe something you want to be mindful of during the year and work on. I think I just might try that. I just need to think of one word...

  5. I love your word of the year. And I know you're not fishing for compliments here, but I have to tell you that I definitely see you as a nurturing person. I like how you expanded the word to more than just human nurturing, but also testimony, plants, health.

  6. Anonymous12:56 AM

    I think if we all tried to nurture others more the world would be a much better place.
    Love, Mom F.

  7. thank you for your comment on our blog, and especially for your prayers. i wish you the best of luck that your adoption wait will be a short one! love, sara


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