Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My Favorite Day!

I have a new favorite day: Tuesday. Yes, Tuesday is nice because it's Play Group, and that's always fun; Tuesday is also nice because Brad has his appointments on our side of town, so sometimes he comes home for lunch; but the reason Tuesday is my favorite day is that...

It's Delivery Day at the 99 cent Store!!

I'm serious, here. I have never seen a dollar store like this before! Here are some of my most recent purchases--all for only 99 cents:

That very same meat at Wal-Mart was $4.88!!! We've also gotten a 5 lb bag of Idaho Potatoes, Waffles, Yoplait yogurt for only .39, Salad, a big bag of onions--they're quite the produce people! Oh, and I forgot--sometimes they have half-gallons of Dreyer's Ice Cream!! It's very crowded on Tuesdays around 11:30am, but worth it! Although I did almost get stampeded today for that cookie dough. People were buying cases of the stuff!

I never would have guessed in my wildest dreams that a dollar store could be soooo awesome!


  1. I LOVE a good deal!! How fun! When I lived in New York, there was a chain of stores called the Christmas Tree Shop and they always had really cute home furnishing/decor type stuff and lots of other goodies for really cheap! And of course at Christmas time they had really cute Christmas decorations for cheap, cheap, cheap! It was a fun place to go, I miss it!

    So is this 99 cent store you're talking about called The 99 cent store?! I wonder if we have them here... We have the Dollar Tree...is it like a grocery store?

  2. Awesome deals!!!

  3. I'm so jealous, too!!! What awesome finds.

  4. I saw on Rachel Ray, where one of her guests scores buys like that at the 99 cent store in California. She gets gourmet food and wine and tons of produce all for 99 cents... holy cow...
    Scoring deals like that, oh man, that gives me a RUSH. I would be getting my weekly HIGH on Tuesday if we had a store near us. Alas, I'll have to settle for BOGO sales at our local grocery store. (Not the same...)

  5. So you have a weekly Black Fri-- I mean Tuesday! Be careful out there, and don't be afraid to throw some elbows!

  6. Your dollar store rocks! I wish ours had cookie dough! How fun!

  7. Seriously, is it nearly expired? That is awesome! What is the name of this store? I have to know if there is one around me.

  8. No, it's not any closer the expiration date than at any other store!

    It's called the "99 Cent Only" store. I think they're all over. One of my friends said she read somewhere that they're going out of business, but that was months ago, and there's no sign of it at my store, so hopefully she read wrong.


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