Friday, December 05, 2008

Mr. Fix It

Mr. Fix It in one of his less-proud moments, after trying to smash an aluminum can on his forehead.

Did your school have superlatives at the end of the year? We did at our senior breakfast, although I didn't know they were called Superlatives until I taught Junior High. Maybe it's a Utah thing. know what I'm talking about. Where you vote for kids in your class on different things. Like cutest hair, or best athlete, or most likely to end up in jail. Fun stuff like that!

The only one I remember from Senior breakfast was that Tonya was voted to have most kids. While 15 years later (has it really been 15 years?! YIKES!) she has four cute ones, she got beat out by our other friend Catharine, who has five! (She not only has five, but had them all by age 27! Go Cat!) I wonder if anyone else in our class has more? Hmmm...

Anyway, back to my point--and I do have one--we have a new Superlative in our house: Best Handyman! Now, when I got married, my loving husband had many qualities I loved and adored; handiness was not one of them. But darned if he hasn't learned how! He is a regular fix-it guy now. Electrical, structural, duct-taping, he does it all! The latest was that he saved us over a Thousand Dollars ($1074.10 to be exact!) by fixing a leak on our water main. We had a guy come over and give an estimate, and he found a couple of problems, I'm not going to name them because, really, it's all blah blah blah to me. But Brad said no thanks, got himself down to Lowes, found a knowledgable guy named Darrell to tell him how to do it, talked to a neighbor, and a little digging, a lot of mud, some pipes, saws, pressure valves, and glue later, ta-da! It's fixed! I and Our Water Bill thank him!


  1. OUCH! That soda can photo looks like it hurt! Way to go, Brad, saving all that money. That must be a good feeling. Sorry to say that my husband, with all his great traits, handyman is NOT one of them.

  2. Yeah! I'm so proud of him! Because yes handiman was not one of the reasons you married him.

  3. Handymen are the best! Go Brad! Mike has saved us a bundle on auto repairs with his handiness with cars!

    Tonya's superlative (that's a new word for me) is the only one I remember, too! We should have made some up within our own group of friends- our graduating class was too big- only a select few were given those superlatives! How rude! Just kidding. But it would have been so fun to give each other in our own group of friends superlatives! I think we have all gone and done a few interesting things we never expected to do- it would have been fun to compare and contrast and then laugh about how silly we were/are!

  4. Go Brad, Go Brad, Go really, really Brad. And that pop can thing was pretty awesome.

  5. It looks like Brad has 2 smiley faces! And, I just checked out your adoption profile, and I love that it perfectly describes you and your family!


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