Wednesday, January 30, 2008


One of my favorite things about this stage in Ty's development is figuring out what's in his head and listening to his budding vocabulary.

He learned a new word today, as he looked out the window and realized there really wasn't a chair on the outside. He said, "Hey! It's not a chair outside! It's a shadow! And now it's discompeared!" I said, "Yes, it's a reflection, and when you move around, it disappears!" You could just see the wheels cranking as he repeated reflection over and over again, as well as disappear.

Later, we were listening to one of his favorite CD's, Superstar Kids, and I had to smile when I heard him yelling out these words:

  • To the song, Sk8er Boi, he sings, "They had a problem cause the baggie was closed" instead of "They had a problem with his baggy clothes."

  • To the song Allstar, instead of "Hey now, you're an allstar" he sings, "Hang out, you're an arm spa."

Isn't it such fun to see children start to make sense of their world? I love it!


  1. SO CUTE! I just love when they butcher the real words.

  2. Oh! Your comment thingy did the exclamation point to me and wouldn't let me in. Is that what mine does to you? Why does that happen? I had to come back several times in order to comment.
    Cute TyTy-- it's so fun when they learn new words. Little Guy's vocab is exploding right now. He uses the word actually a LOT. As in "AXSHULLY it's mine" about anything he wants.

  3. So precious! I love how kids just sing what they think the words are-it's so darn cute! "hey now, you're an arm spa" that just makes me laugh! How cute! And isn't it fun to see the gears in motion as they discover something new?! Emma knows a few words and it's so exciting when she learns a new one! I've been trying to do some baby signs with her and yesterday she did this sign that I finally figured out was "ball". She had been doing it for a couple weeks now but I couldn't figure it out because its not exactly like the sign I taught her for ball. We were looking at a book and there was a picture of a ball and when I said "ball" she did the sign and said "ba" (doesn't quite have the "l"sound yet) and I was soooo excited! Her sign for ball is much cooler than the original sign I taught her and easier for her to do, I guess! It's funny how she adapted the sign in her own unique way! And on top of it, she actually said the word! Her dad was very impressed when she showed him after he got home from work!

  4. these are cute. i love this age. it's a crack-up. what a sweet boy.

  5. Sally just wanted you to know we brought Grandma over to Sheldon so she could go through all the family blogs and enjoy everyone's comments and pictures.Thanks. Also I agree with Sara and Spence, you have such a clear, beautiful voice. I was enjoying picturing you and your mom singing together. Back in church choir days I had to sit next to your mom to try and stay on tune. As I read further I couldn't believe the most embarassing, humiliating time in my life was coming back for a new haunting session. I would take umbrage with Bekka, but she tells the truth. Although, I do blame it all on your dad who sat right next to the piano. How stupid to think if I played softly he wouldn't hear me make a mistake to the total undoing of my usually musically gifted family. Chris Baxter's sympathy card helped a lot though!! I have vowed to never play the piano in sacrament meeting again. Please, with your beautiful voice don't make any such vows.


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