Friday, November 23, 2007

One Hundred

How fitting that my 100th post is on Thanksgiving Weekend. I have so many reasons to be thankful. Here's 100 of them (in no particular order):
  1. The Love of my Savior
  2. Forever Families
  3. My patriarchal blessing says my husband will be kind to me, and considerate of me, and we will love one another with all our hearts. It is spot on: Brad could not be any more kind or considerate. And my whole heart belongs to him.
  4. My little 3 year old ball of energy and sweetness and just a tidge of Drama King.
  5. Despite all the feminine problems, I LOVE being a woman.
  6. Finally settling down in our new beautiful home.
  7. Even though we get frustrated with the corporate side of things sometimes, Brad has a job that he LOVES, and that's important when he'll be spending 30+ years doing it!
  8. The fact that no matter where we go, the Church helps us instantly belong.
  9. The diversity in San Antonio--I've never been a minority before, and it's enlightening.
  10. Being able to afford a few little extras every once in a while.
  11. Sunsets
  12. A back porch where we can watch the sunset.
  13. A mom and dad that raised me so well.
  14. A sister who, despite a ten year age difference, has always treated me like a best friend instead of an annoyance.
  15. Great in-laws--couldn't ask for any better!
  16. A sunny disposition.
  17. The gift and power of Music.
  18. The opportunity to graduate from BYU (it only took six whole years!)
  19. Friends and family scattered all across the country.
  20. Blogging, which has brought me back in touch with some of those dear ones.
  21. A really good king-sized mattress.
  22. Pretty linens to go on that king-sized mattress!
  23. Chocolate.
  24. Blue Bell Ice Cream.
  25. Spencer and Sara living 2.5 minutes away from us.
  26. Sara's yummy pecan/pumpkin dessert served warm with Blue Bell Homemade Vannilla on it that we had for Thanksgiving yesterday.
  27. That my first turkey turned out okay.
  28. That I could call my mother-in-law early in the morning on Thanksgiving when I was panicking and grossing out over the raw (and not quite thawed) turkey.
  29. A great relationship with Ty's birth family.
  30. The fact that Heavenly Father has a plan for us, and loves us, and wants us to be happy, and that everything that we go through is for our best good.
  31. DVR
  32. The Food Network
  33. An upstairs laundry room, so I don't have to haul laundry up and down the stairs.
  34. Not getting sick when everyone around me did this week (I'm still crossing my fingers, and taking my vitamins!)
  35. That the furniture people are finally coming tomorrow to replace the defective couch they sold us!
  36. The Beck-to Harline play in last year's BYU/Utah game.
  37. The hope that BYU will win again this year, though hopefully not in such a down-to-the-minute way--I can't take the suspense!
  38. The internet.
  39. High speed internet.
  40. Ceiling fans.
  41. Air conditioning.
  42. Two cars that run.
  43. Brad's work car, that helps to keep his personal car running.
  44. Craigslist.
  45. Cameras.
  46. Our only live plant, Norman, a Christmas cactus that was given to us by our first landlord, is still alive, even though we have greatly mistreated him at times.
  47. Smiling at people, and having them smile back.
  48. Singing in the ward choir.
  49. The fact that we will get reimbursed for our moving expenses.
  50. LSU losing to Arkansas.
  51. A&M beating Texas. Go Aggies!
  52. The craisins that Sara put in her green salad. Really yummy.
  53. The memories made with awesome grandparents that helped to shape who I am today.
  54. The support of my parents in all my activities as a kid.
  55. The holiness and sacredness of the Temple.
  56. The selfless and consecrated service my parents have given the last eight years and counting.
  57. The feeling I get when people really enjoy my food.
  58. Are we really only on 58?!?
  59. The smell of cinamon at Christmastime.
  60. The first time each spring when I smell a hyacinth.
  61. Every time I see a golden retriever and think of good old Mindy.
  62. How blessed am I to have been born in this time period, in this country, in this church, in this family!
  63. I enjoy reading magazines. My current subscriptions: Ensign, Reader's Digest, Oregon Coast, Family Fun, Parenting, Kraft Food & Family, Better Homes and Gardens, and Woman's Day. (Some are free, and some were gifts)
  64. I like the way my birthday rhymes when I say the numbers.
  65. I like that my middle name, Cay, starts with a C.
  66. I had a great adolescence. So many people hate that time in their lives, but I loved it.
  67. Singing alto is fun and I'm glad I can read notes and harmonize.
  68. The opportunity I had to teach for three years. I loved being a professional, and helping provide for our family.
  69. The leadership opportunities I've had.
  70. That Heavenly Father answers my prayers.
  71. That other people pray for me.
  72. The sisterhood of Relief Society.
  73. When Tyler gives me a spontaneous hug or kiss or I love you mom.
  74. The hope that we have at least another child in our future.
  75. The lack of stress over whether we will have another one--faith that God has a plan for our family and will lead us to where we need to be when the time is right for another child. He's always led us before, He'll continue to do so.
  76. Our family's cabin in Florence, Oregon: my favorite place on earth.
  77. That my mom made me practice my piano, and continued to pay for lessons, even when I didn't practice. She'll never know the gift that that ability has been to my life.
  78. That people can always change.
  79. Forgiveness.
  80. Times like this morning, after making a fort, just playing, the three of us, our family, together.
  81. Phone calls just to say hi.
  82. Phone calls just to say hi that are on our Verizon network, or after hours or on weekends!
  83. That bleach took away the grape juice stains on our countertops!
  84. Playing on sports teams.
  85. Feeling part of a community.
  86. Loving the community I live in.
  87. Finding great deals.
  88. Thinking about Harold doing the Black Friday shopping for Susan at 4am.
  89. Reading the short heartwarming novel, Christmas Jars.
  90. Poetry.
  91. Time to myself after bedtime.
  92. H.E. Buddy Bucks (a little reward for kids at the local supermarket. Ty loves them!)
  93. Texas pride.
  94. Never forgetting my Oregon roots.
  95. My mission to Oklahoma and Missouri
  96. Great pictures.
  97. Great college roommates.
  98. My favorite Sacrament hymn: As Now We Take the Sacrament
  99. Laughing with my husband.
  100. Finishing this list!!!!


  1. I loved reading this Sally!!!

  2. that is a fabulous list! I especially agree with the Blue Bell and Beck to Harline. And many others! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. The game was won in the last minute again.. are you breathing?

    Go Coogs!

  5. So fun to read your 100th post. So much to be thankful for!!

  6. Congratulations! "That other people pray for me" - that was a good one. Take care. Kellan


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