Sunday, November 11, 2007

How can it be wrong when it feels so right?

I know I'm supposed hate Walmart. People blog about how they don't go there. I really do try to support local businesses. I've seen the documentary where it shows the poor Chinese workers slaving away for basically nothing. I feel bad for the businesses they shut down. I hate the crowds.

But I still go. And I still find some great deals. And I'm finding more selection and cuter and cuter stuff. Like my new accent pillows:

On a side note, it's funny how my "Contemporary Cottage" tastes have become mainly just the Contemporary part and less of the Cottage part in this house. Just the combination of the new furniture and the current light fixtures, paint colors, and draperies that has helped it turn out that way. It's kinda fun decorating a house!

Anyway...back to Wal Mart. What are your feelings on the place?


  1. Love the new pillows! Did you find some matching candles? These are just perfect for you and your awesome style. About Walmart...I wish that other stores were cheaper because I don't really like Walmart, just their prices.

  2. Walmart is to far away here to draw me in. I know I can get a lot of stuff cheaper there, but I hate the store. I went once a month in TX, but the traffic here doesn't make it worth it. (25 minute drive each way) I go once every 3 months or so. And it's not even a WalMart Supercenter. I loved their cheap snacks (graham crackers etc) and that they matched grocery ads. But most of the people aren't helpful, and sometimes rude! I'd rather shop at Target, but in all honesty, if it were closer and easier to get to I would go there because it's cheap! Wow, that was long!

  3. It's 45 minutes to Wal-mart for me, so I stick to, I like that Target has a regular markdown schedule and they keep all their clearance in certain places in the store and I don't have to hunt for it. However, if Wal-mart was close, I'd probably shop there just as much...

  4. Walmart.. Oh, Walmart. Called Wally World here by many. We are about 1 1/2 hours from Bentonville, Arkansas, where their headquarters is located. Elder Bednar, while here splitting our stake, said that they were here to bring people to build the kingdom... Truthfully I hate Walmart. Mr Parkes feels like he's being herded when we go there. The lines are ridiculous, there is a complete lack of customer service, they run out other businesses... But to also be honest I go there probably twice a week. Not because I want to, but because in our town it's Walmart or Reasors for groceries and at Resors you pay nearly double, sometimes triple the price. Sorry to go on and on, but in a place where Walmart is in every town there are some strong feelings.

  5. I love that Wal-Mart sells fabric, that their edamame is 1/2 price what I pay at Kroger, and that for the year we lived income-free we survived on Wal-Mart prices. But....(fill in your personal Wal-Mart horror story here. I know everyone has one!)

  6. I cant stand Wal-mart, and yet I don't really think we could live without it. It's a love/hate relationship. Hate the crowds, lines, and complete lack of helpful service. Love that I can (after awhile) seem to find anything there, and also that it's going to be affordable. However, it's not close enough to drive to until you have a list of things you need or unless you're just driving by...

  7. I love the pillows and I have to admit...I really don't mind Wal-mart. I like the prices and it's close by. What I do hate is how long it takes to re-stock certain things. It's annoying, but all-in-all, I can't complain!

  8. I used to be on the "I HATE WALMART BANDWAGON", but then I realized how much of a hypocrite I was. I shop there WAY too often to complain about it, and I too find things I really like.

    I do wish their produce was better, and their meats, but what do you expect.

    I have heard some horror stories about Walmart, but honestly the people at the walmart I shop at are kind and helpful, and it is usually clean.

    Another thing I get frustrated about is that they don't have many specialty food items. But who can complain about a one stop shop, with great prices?


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