Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mission Tour 'o Fun, Part Two

We pulled into Branson on Monday and found a great view from our Lakefront Condo. This is Table Rock Lake, one of a series of resevoirs created from the White River in the 1950's to prevent flooding. They had to unearth 3 cemetaries and flood a couple small towns to do it. (We went to the visitor's center at the Dam).

One day we "Rode the Ducks." These are amphibious vehicles from WWII that go on land and water. They have little tours that go around Branson and then onto Table Rock Lake. Once on the lake, Captain Scott let all the kids drive. Ty LOVED it! He kept going to the left, and to the right, and back again. The people got a kick out of it.

Here's Branson's version of Las Vegas' Bellagio. This whole new mall area (Branson Landing) is new since we were here before. We really enjoyed strolling downtown Branson, where I did much of my street contacting on the mission. It's crazy how many memories popped up for both of us as we would drive the same streets where we'd been.

Of course we went swimming every day. Ty's getting to be quite the kicker. He can kick himself across the pool all by himself (with his life jacket and floaty on).

I love this pic of Brad and Ty. It's so cute how he's looking at him like that. This is somewhere in Arkansas. After three days in Branson we took a couple days to get home, stopping in Hot Springs National Park (don't go out of your way to go there, it's no Yellowstone!) and down through Eastern Texas.

I don't have to do a liquor store anymore! Found a new business for me in Longview, Texas called Sally's Good Foods!


  1. Love, love, love the pictures of Tyler. He looks so proud and happy driving the boat. And it's neat to see the passengers watching him and enjoying him.
    Ty in his little swim suit. Too cute. Love the binaculars.
    So sweet how Ty is looking at Brad. You can tell he thinks the world of him.

  2. I would totally shop at Sally's Good Foods!!

  3. Andrea11:59 PM

    It sounds like you guys had a great time going down memory lane and are enjoying your adventures back there. We are starting to cool down here in Vegas. I LOVE the temp. right now. Time for us to plan our trip yet?!

    Love you!


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