Thursday, September 20, 2007

Be Back Soon

We're still winding our way through the back roads of the Ozarks, and having a great time!

I'll be back next week to post all the details of our fun.


  1. Have a blast. You're going through beautiful country.

  2. I only skimmed thus far but am excited to hear about your trip, especially the 12 man boat we missed out on. I haven't listened to my messages yet but think you may have left one. Anyway, hope it will work out for us to visit this weekend. We're planning in just leaving right when spence gets off Friday but if another time is better (I know you're just getting home) no worries. We'll have to chat. PS- how dare you call on Family Night. You'd think your father would've taught you something :) Love you!

  3. you know I was totally kidding right? I had turned off my phone though. Go Cougs!


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