Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wonder World

We went to San Antonio again this weekend. We found a couple homes and neighborhoods that we really like. Hopefully they'll still be on the market in a few weeks when we can start looking for real!

On our way home we took a detour to San Marcos, where we stopped at the Outlet Stores, and went to a place called Wonder World. This Wonder World is an underground cave, observation tower, anti-gravity house, and wildlife petting zoo, all rolled into one. Pretty random, huh? Yah, we thought so, too. But Ty loved it!

So many choices! Are we horrible parents because we didn't let him get one? Cute picture, though!

This is right before we went down in the cave. It was pretty crazy--lots of tight spots and some tricky steps. It was also quite wet down there because of all the rain water coming through (it's been raining a LOT this summer). One "room" was actually flooded so we had to take a bypass stairway. Pretty cool, though. At one point the guide turned off all the lights so it was complete darkness. A whole bunch of other kids were bawling, but Ty thought it was really cool.

We rode on a little train around the Wildlife Park/Petting Zoo portion of the tour. These deer were definitely not shy. (No worries, we washed our hands immediately after this!)

It was a good little getaway. We're only back for a couple days and then Ty and I go to Oregon for two whole weeks! I can't wait! Brad will join us for some of the time, too.


  1. Andrea12:29 AM

    I loved the pic of Ty looking at all of the candy. He's getting so much bigger. Hope you have fun in Oregon!

  2. You guys are great. You make so many fun memories. I love reading about your little adventures.


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