Friday, July 06, 2007

Independence Day

Well, this year was no Provo Freedom Festival, but it was nice and special in its own way. We went to a small town Festival at Magnolia's Restored Train Depot, and watched fireworks from a great, non-crowded spot on the shores of Lake Conroe. On our way home we stopped and got some frozen custard. Yummy.

Brad actually preferred celebrating the Holiday in small towns like we did instead of all the crowds. He said this was his perfect Fourth of July.

I think Tyler agrees--how can you top a day where you can explore an old train, win a cake in a cake walk, find a friend in an old Bassett Hound named Darlin', and see a whole bunch of fireworks over the water? Life is pretty sweet.

Our conversation when we got in the car to go home:
Tyler: I love fireworks. Fireworks make me so happy.
Mom: You love fireworks, huh?
Tyler: Uh-huh. I love to hug it.


  1. Fun! Tyler is so funny.

  2. Hugging fireworks...thats new!

  3. Andrea1:36 AM

    You guys look so happy!! I wish we could've celebrated together just like ol' times!!!

  4. I can't believe how big Tyler looks in that picture with the dog. He's such a big boy now. No more baby Ty Ty.

  5. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Tyler is getting so big!!!
    I miss you guys. I can't wait until August when you get to come visit.


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