Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Tyler fought and fought his nap yesterday and finally succumbed at
dinnertime in his highchair. He's never done this before. He must have been really tired!

For a couple of years now, Brad has been complaining about our cheap-o particle board Shopko brand entertainment center that we bought with wedding money for $79, if memory serves me correctly. I don't really mind it, although it is pretty scuffed and one leg is broken. But I have learned that my normally go-with-the-flow, money-saving cutie is an entertainment center snob. The problem is, really nice ones cost more money than I want to spend on a piece of furniture like that. So imagine our joy when I looked on Craigs List yesterday and saw that they are remodeling the Hilton Hotel by the airport and are selling all the furniture. We managed to get a nice solid wood armoir for not much more than we spent on the cheapo piece of schwa we first bought seven years ago!

I always love putting Ty's shirts over his head like this, but usually he pulls them off just as fast as I put them there. But today he indulged me and let me take his picture before he got into his bath.


  1. What a cutie and what a nice place to pput your tv!

  2. Love the entertainment center!

    Love craigslist!

    Love Tyler !!!!

    Love YOU (and Brad)

  3. Andrea7:14 PM

    I love Ty Ty asleep in the highchair. And I LOVE the new entertainment center. It is so cool.

  4. Great buy on the entertainment center! I love it...especially the drawers, a great place to hide things.

    So are naps over for you? I NEED naps...I don't look forward to the day Morgan gives them up.


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