Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Family Night

In an effort to keep watch on the changing leaves, we took off on a Monday Family Night up to the canyon. Who knew it would be such a big adventure?! We started out enjoying the autumn colors as we climbed up the mountain.

About .6 miles after the pavement ended and gravel began, we saw two cars in a bend in the road. One of them, unfortunately, had driven off a little cliff and its nose was stuck in the creek. The other car was stopped to help the lady who was in the driver's seat of the first car, either hallucinating or in shock. She was breathing heavily and was not responding. Since we couldn't really help with first aid, we took off down the mountain to call 911 where there was reception.

We definitely wanted to make sure the lady made it okay, so after we saw the first responders headed up the mountain, we stopped in a little grove of trees to hang out until they came down.

The joys of being a boy.

Practicing spooky faces

After what seemed to be a long time, the ambulance came back down. We still wondered if she was even alive, so we safely followed it to the hospital. It didn't have its lights or sirens on so we figured either it wasn't too bad, or she was already gone!

We parked across the street from the hospital and saw her being brought out on a gurney with an IV, so we figured she must be fairly okay. Phew!
Another normal day for a Rescue Hero and his family!


  1. Go rescue heros! One day that picture of Ty will be great blackmail!

  2. That is quite the FHE! The leaves are sooo gorgeous there! I am missing that a little bit now that we are back in San Antonio.

  3. What an adventure! Glad she was alive. The colors are so amazing...I love fall! (just not as much as I love spring and summer)
    I loved seeing Lauren's cute little necklace. Reminded me of our visit to Utah and the necklace of Katelyn's that Lauren wore with every outfit.

  4. Wow, what a crazy adventure!!!

    I think it's funny that you followed the ambulance to the hospital afterward. I bet you felt like super hero spies!!!

    I'm glad to hear that the lady is hopefully alive:)

  5. Anonymous7:34 PM

    What security I feel knowing that we have a real rescue Hero in our family!! I mean a whole rescue hero family!!! How come you guys have all the fun? Love you, MOM


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