Friday, August 27, 2010

When I was in Arkansas as a missionary, we taught a lady who was in the advanced stages of MS. She didn't have a lot of control over her muscles. She decided to get baptized, and we worried about how she would do physically in the font. It turns out our worries were legitimate--it took seven times to finally get her baptized correctly. Each time that she came up and the witnesses had to shake their heads no, I felt worse and worse.

Only a little miracle occurred: when we were talking about it later, she mentioned that she was kinda happy it only took three times! Three times?!? Somehow she only remembered it being three times instead of seven. I think that was a blessing.

Fast forward thirteen years to a small soccer field in small-town Utah. Our soon-to-be-kindergartner and his team (the red dragons) were playing their hearts out. Only it was clear that they and the other team (the pirates) were not evenly matched. The parents stopped counting after the pirates had scored around ten goals to our none in the first few minutes! The other coach moved the cones to our goal closer together so his team wouldn't be able to score as easily. They stopped short of giving us an extra man on the field, but I'm not so sure that would have helped.

Tyler on one of the many kickoffs after the other team scored

After an excruciatingly long game where the other team's goals were probably well into the thirties, the final whistle blew, the kids gave their "good game" cheers, and got their Capri Suns and Teddy Grahams. On the way back to the car, we asked Ty how he felt about the game. With a big smile on his face, he lit up and said, "I think we won!"

Not quite sure what game he was at, but if he's happy, we'll keep up the illusion!


  1. It's no wonder we are commanded to become as little children. Thanks for sharing those stories.

  2. I love it! Kids are great.

  3. Go red dragons!! Can't wait to come see them play!!

  4. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Mine got posted, accidently, on the next blog!
    Oh well---I'm so glad our team (red dragons) "won"!! MOM

  5. That's so cute! We put Carter in soccer this year too. We only did it to teach him how to lose. He's so competitive we were worried that if he didn't get some experience losing it would be a disaster later on. He's doing better than we expected, but it's only been one day:) I'm still holding my breath! Tell Ty we are soooo proud of him. xoxo


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