Monday, April 05, 2010

Catch Up!

We've had a great couple of months, with blessings (and snow!) pouring down on us. The weather was nice for awhile (we're expecting snow again tonight), and spring has almost sprung. (I forgot how late things bloom here in the Mountain West.)

It was nice enough on St. Patty's Day to wear short sleeves and ride the bikes.

And of course, playing dress-up is always part of the routine.

Adoption Day!!!

We had a GREAT Easter weekend, decorating eggs, watching LDS General Conference, and having Easter dinner with Grandma and Grandpa F.

We leave soon for our trip to Oregon, where we will see Grandma & Grandpa S. and have Lauren sealed to us in the Portland Temple!!! The kids will also get to spend some fun times with Aunt SuzieQ and Uncle Hank and their cousins while Brad and I get a little vacation on the Oregon Coast!! LOVE IT!!


  1. Fun times!! Can't wait to see you guys next week!

  2. Have fun in Oregon!

  3. Yay! You're coming to Oregon! And your getting your sweet girl sealed to you. That will be the sweetest day. Have fun at the coast. I hope you luck out with some decent weather!

  4. How exciting! Is your dad doing the sealing??
    Congrats Sally. That is so special.

  5. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Can hardly wait for Saturday! Sure hope the weather turns nice.....the flowers around the temple are so lovely, especially when/if the sun comes out!!! Daffodils, Hyacinth, tulips, Even a Rhody bush is in bloom! Love you all, MOM

  6. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Have a safe and wonderful trip and enjoy time with Brad...Can't wait to see you guys April's coming up fast. Love the pictures as always and please take some in Oregon. Kisses and hugs to the kids.
    Love Marcie

  7. Congratulations on the adoption and the sealing! That's so awesome to finally have that happen.

  8. Sal Gal, I'm crying right now as I try to type on my new tiny phone keyboard. I haven't made it to your blog in a while-I've been missing out! LOVE the main pic! Oh LOVE! I'm crying over little Lorzy. She looks like you Sal. I just see you in her so much I can't believe it! Especially the messy eater pic! I just remember the first phone pic I got of her and to see you all around the judge, just did me in. No words. Love you so much. Wish we could be in Oregon for your special day. Please share it with us. I still have a hat hanging for you in the lone-star state!

  9. yay for adoption day. congrats you guys!! have an amazing time in oregon. I am so happy for you. hopefully i will be a brave soul and see you all in a few days. love ya!!


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