Tuesday, November 03, 2009

First Snow (a week or so ago)

It's snowing!
It's snowing!
The very first snow of the year!

It's the showiest, blowiest, snowiest snow--
The snow is finally here!

It's brisk and it's breezy;

It's frosty and freezy;

It's creamy and dreamy and clean.

It's drifty and sifty, and perfectly nifty;

It's the prettiest stuff that we've seen!

poem by Lori Peelen, 1998


  1. That is such a cute poem! And very very cute pictures of the kids! How fun :)

  2. Okay, Lauren and I feel about the same when it comes to the white stuff. Too cute.

  3. How exciting! My kids LOVE snow. Of course, in Oregon it's not such a common occurance.

  4. I really like snow...but mostly if it stays in the mountains. I think I'm a Hawaii kind of girl:0)

  5. The picture of Lauren lying on the ground makes me laugh. Snow? Wow. Enjoy!

  6. I can not believe it's snowing already! Love all the updates. Love that you are loving utah.

  7. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Such cute pictures.....I'm so glad you take after your dad and take pictures! (more guilt for me on Mothers Day!!) I love the poem, and the specific pictures with which you illustrated it. You are so clever. I'm with Lauren---enjoy the snow without getting wet, even if you ARE outside!!! Love you all, MOM


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