Sunday, September 20, 2009

The last few months of our lives have been interesting. We've added a beautiful little girl to our family, wrecked a car, lost a job, found a new better job, found renters for our house, said goodbye to our dear friends/family in San Antonio, moved across the country, lived in a hotel for two weeks, contracted the Swine flu, found a cute house to live in that has a yard that needs some TLC, started preschool and the new job, and worst of all, watched BYU lose grossly to Florida State.

Now that I've got a moment to breathe, I find myself a little homesick for S.A. I really like being back in Utah, and I think I'll grow to love our new little small town, but right now I miss the feeling of belonging that I had in good ole Texas. Kinda funny since I've spent many more years in Utah than Texas. But there was something special about our little corner of San Antonio--and we left so quickly without a lot of choice in the matter--I just need to say goodbye to:

Our little neighborhood "Mormon Village"

Playgroup on Tuesday mornings, where there was always a good--sometimes controversial--conversation to be had.

99 cent Only store on Delivery Day.

My little Primary kids, whom I grew to love so much. You've never heard better singers! I wish I could be there for your primary program.

The San Antonio Temple, where I was a real regular there for awhile. I wouldn't have made it through without the peace and inspiration gained there.

The Riverwalk and the Alamo--we had a real routine down when visitors came.

ABCD Pediatrics--Tyler actually loved going to the Dr's. And we went there quite regularly for awhile when they were figuring out his asthma.

H-E-B--I was frustrated that this was the only grocery store in town, but they did have fun combo Loco's, and Tyler will forever cherish his H-E-Buddy blanket that we got from the H-E-Buddy bucks.

Our gorgeous back yard and patio that was so peaceful. Our myrtle trees, weeping willow tree, and lemon tree will be missed.

The Windcrest Ward choir. Best ward choir ever.

Angel Food Ministries--they don't have it in Utah. Seriously, if you're not in Utah, look it up. What a great program!

Blue Bell Ice Cream. There were so many flavors that I had to try still!

Texas pride. It's contagious.

Most of all, our dear friends and family there. We miss you tons!

Now, if you'll please excuse me, we're off to do something that I used to dream of while in Texas: take a Sunday drive in the Canyons. (There's definitely some positives to Utah living!)


  1. BYU's lose is tragic! We have Angel Food Ministries out here in Missouri, is it worth it? How's the quality of food? I've thought about doing it. Glad you are settling in, maybe we'll get to see you one of these days on a trip out to Idaho.

  2. What a whirlwind!! But you survived. Now hopefully things will slow down a little for you. Much love.

  3. awww, now you have made me miss texas too! we LOVED it there. It will always feel a little like home.

    I miss HEB sooooooo much, it is by far the best grocery store I have ever shopped at. San Antonio is one of our favorite texas cities...morgan was born there. we hope to take her back there some day.

  4. Kellie- I liked Angel Food most of the time. If you go to their website (I linked to it), they'll give you the menu for the upcoming month. Some months I just wasn't interested in enough of the food to make it worth it, so I didn't do it, but some months it was great. The quality has gotten better. At first it wasn't as good, but their meats are getting better. Everything else is just fine. $30 for about $60 worth of food is pretty good!

  5. Wow Sal. You,ve been through a lot and lived to tell us all about it.A big hug from me to you. Some huge things have happened to your family lately! I hope you love your little corner in Utah. Hey, we'll be down next August!

  6. Big changes are hard...especially when they are so sudden like yours. But it won't be long until you're involved in the community and ward there in Utah. We're so excited to see you again next month!

  7. wow! you did move fast....that is always rough...but it'll be a good thing, right (eventually) my thing that i miss when not in utah is cafe rio....i salivate the closer it gets to vaca time there....just can't get enough!

  8. IT is hard to move. Hang in there. You will make fast friends. :)

  9. Well I for one am so super excited to have you back. Does that help any?
    SWINE FLU who?

  10. I hear you Sally. We love being closer to blood family and Washington is beautiful, but we miss our San Antonio family. Hang in there. And who got the swine flu?


    TOTALLY thought of you when I read this!! :)


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