Thursday, November 06, 2008

More Potty Talk

Tyler has been day-time potty trained for several months now. But he was still wearing nightime diapers until last week. He would sometimes leak even with the diapers, so I thought he just wasn't ready. Several of my friends said that their sons just started having dry diapers in the morning, so that's how they knew they were ready to go diaperless at night. Well, I waited and waited for that to happen, but it never did. Every morning his diaper was full!

I was at the store last week, and as I put the $12 pack of 17 specialty nightime diapers in the cart, I realized I had had enough. The kid is four. He can be diaperless! So I put the diapers back on the shelf and went home to see how it would go over. We had one last diaper, so we told him this was his last one.

Brad was so great. He got our tarp all clean and put it underneath the sheet so we wouldn't have to keep changing the matress pad, too. The first night Ty was wet in the morning, but since then we've gone 5 nights accident free! I think our little guy just knew the diaper was there, so he used it.

Now if we could only master the whole wiping thing...


  1. That's awesome, Sal! Go Tyler! He is so darn cute! I bet he's just as proud of himself as you are of him!

  2. I am so proud of you Ty. You are growing up so fast. Good luck!
    love ya lots.

  3. AWESOME! This is so timely for me to read. Christian just turned 3 and I'm getting ready (slowly) to potty train him... and just today spend some moolah on nighttime diapers and daytime PullUps. UGH. Wish me luck! Keep up the great work, Ty!

  4. Yay Ty! What a milestone!

  5. Sally~

    The wiping thing takes awhile. Don't sweat it for the first year that much. I tend to make sure they wiped good enough for awhile and then get them used to doing the job themselves over time.

    Good job. Potty training is HARD work!

  6. I'm with Meg...just keep wiping my opinion, it's better than dealing with all the crusty disgusting underwear that will come soon enough.
    Way to go, TY!!


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