Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Despite this,


and this,

he LOVES it and can't wait to go back tomorrow! Yay!


  1. So fun! We had swimming today too! I had to bribe Bennett with the promise of a vending machine snack to get him to do a "bob". Thankfully, it worked like magic.

  2. That is so adorable :) I'm glad he loves it despite the fear! I remember being little and clinging to the side of the pool. The funny thing is I actually enjoyed it! I had fun hanging out in the pool, holding onto the wall! I'd freak out if anyone tried to take me away from the wall though. It was my comfort zone at the time. Pretty soon I was brave enough to venture out away from the wall with my older siblings. And little by little, I learned to swim and jump off the diving board! Seeing those photos of cute little Ty just brought back a ton of memories!

  3. Good job, Ty. Your cousin, Little Guy, is taking lessons right now, too.

  4. Yay Ty! Ty, you should ask your mommy all about her swimming lesson experiences--she has at least one funny story she could tell you...


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