Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Mustache, A Moon, and A Firecracker

We recently returned from our awesome two week vacation to Oregon! Between the laundry, repairing the broken A/C, fixing and cleaning our little pool, yardwork, another business trip to Corpus, and preparing for next week's Girls Camp, I've been a tidge busy since we got home, so forgive me if the next couple blog entries are a bit dated!

We found ourselves in the Quaint Coastal town of Bandon, Oregon on the Fourth of July. Although we missed the parade (we were busy looking at tidepools on the beach--I'll post about that later!), we managed to make it to the Fourth of July Festival they had at the city park. We perused booths run by quilters, crafters, environmentalists that brought an owl, and the Bandon Punk Rock Band, and ate cones filled with Umpqua Ice Cream. Ty jumped in the inflatable jumping-house-thingy and played on the playground.

The highlight for Ty, however had to be the face-painting. We had told him previously there would be face-painting there, so he started thinking about what he wanted on his face. After--seriously--an hour-long wait in line (the lady took, like, 15 minutes per child!), it was finally his turn! And he knew exactly what he wanted!

First, the consultation...

Next, some BRT (Building Relationships of Trust)...

Some jokes and sweet-talking...

Finishing Touches...

And Voila! A mustache, a moon, and a firecracker. The perfect face-painting design!


  1. OH MY GOSH! Could he BE any cuter??????

  2. I love that she brought his little imagination to life. He must have been so proud:0) I am loving the celebrations in the city park thing. Seriously, the one in Clackamas was so amazing. So fun!

  3. Dang it!! We missed seeing you. Love the pictures.

  4. Oh, this makes me miss Oregon even more! I get to go in September, yay! Ty is just so cute!

  5. Hey I love your hair in the new profile pic with the three of you. I'm glad you had such a good time. Ty's adorable!

  6. I love Oregon (my sister lives there)! Sounds like a great 4th of July! Ty is such a fun little boy...I love the mustache! I also love your look great as a blondie! Take care :)

  7. I love it! That was a fun little celebration. You didn't mention the "Scottish" 4th of July band that was playing the whole time we were there.
    Come Back Soon!
    Use Your Free Tickets!!

  8. I love your family 4th of July picture and I love your hair!! I need your email address so I can invite you to read my blog...I had to make it private

  9. I love the new photos! Looks like you guys had a very nice time at the beach :) Have fun at Girls camp! I hope you tell us all about it on your blog!

  10. Anonymous11:57 AM

    The update was great. Loved the family picture. Sally is you hair lighter, or is it the lighting?

    I hope that camp is going well this week for all of you. Love, Mom Forsgren

  11. Cute photos! I'm sad to hear you guys were all in Central OR and we didn't get to see you. I know how fast the time goes so I'll try not to hold a grudge. I'm glad you all had such a great time!


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